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Dr. Earl Waggoner

Dr.  Earl Waggoner

Biblical Studies and Theology Division

  • Ph.D. Systematic Theology (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • M.Div., concentration in Theology (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • B.A. Communications (Baylor University)


Phone: 303-963-3485

Theological education has been my vocational passion since 2002. I have taught theology, church history, and other ministry-related content to seminarians (Golden Gate Seminary) as well as to CCU students in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (since 2007). The last three years of service at Golden Gate were also spent as the director of the seminary's campus in the Los Angeles area. Serving both in local congregations as well as in the classroom has been a great blessing from God in terms of preparing me to join the CCU family full time.

I also worked in commercial television for ten years prior to the pastorate. This fact helps explain why I'm also interested in the intersection of theology and popular culture, most specifically pop culture expressed in television programs.


  • "Shubal Stearns," chapter one in A NOBLE COMPANY, vol. 3 (essays on important Baptist leaders)
  • "James Manning Winchell," chapter in A NOBLE COMPANY, vol. 9 (forthcoming)
  • "God the Holy Spirit: Fruit, Gifts, Sanctification," SBC LIFE (Aug/Sept. 2009)
  • Articles in the forthcoming ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHRISTIANITY IN THE UNITED STATES (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2015): "Calvary Chapel," "Augustus Hopkins Strong," "Television Shows"

Papers delivered at national Evangelical Theological Society annual meetings:

  • “God as Chairman: „The Adjustment Bureau‟ as a Reflection on the Contours of Divine Sovereignty” (Nov. 2011)
  • “Is the Knight Too Dark for the Soul? Learning the Deep Meaning of Happiness from a Rather Disturbing Movie” (Nov. 2009)
  • “Base Ecclesial Communities: Lessons for Evangelical House Churches from Liberation Theology?” (Nov. 2007)
  • "Here's the Church, Here's the People, Where's the Steeple? Toward a House Church Ecclesiology" (Nov. 2006)

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