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Dr. Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis

Assistant Professor of Legal Studies and Leadership
School of Business and Leadership

  • J.D. (University of Richmond School of Law)
  • B.A. Technical Journalism (Colorado State University)
  • Licensed Attorney


Phone: (303) 963-3421


As a practicing attorney in criminal law and specializing in Constitutional law, Dr. Ellis joined CCU in 2015 as an affiliate faculty in CAGS. She teaches law, ethics, and leadership courses. Dr. Ellis is very honored to join CCU in July 2016 as full faculty for CUS in the School of Business and Leadership. She is developing CCU's Legal Studies Program, geared to best prepare students for success and ministry in law school and legal practice. As a part of this program, Dr. Ellis will also be developing and coaching CCU’s first Moot Court Team, which will help students in their speaking and writing skills through a national competition that provides experience learning about the American appellate court system.

Dr. Ellis will also contribute to the Centennial Institute as a Fellow in Constitutional Law and Policy.

As a Christian attorney, Dr. Ellis has endeavored to contribute to the biblical worldview of law, specifically Constitutional law. In Dec. 2015, she published "The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution: A Guide for Christians to Understand America’s Constitutional Crisis" (WestBow Press 2015). Her book provides a biblically centered argument that discusses why all law is inherently moral and the legal reasons that Christians can advocate for biblical morals within Constitutional law.


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Faith and Learning:

As a professor of legal studies and leadership courses, Dr. Ellis's view is that biblical Truth is where we begin, and integrate the learning of law and leadership into our Christian worldview. We must start with the premise "Truth is" and work from there to glorify God in all aspects of our vocation. CCU's Strategic Objectives integrate faith and learning from the premise that everything we do is because of God's Truth.

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