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Dr. Kyle Usrey

Dr. Kyle Usrey

Professor of Finance and International Business
School of Business and Leadership

  • J.D. (University of Colorado School of Law)
  • MBA Marketing emphasis (University of Colorado)
  • BBA Finance & Economics (Hardin-Simmons University)
  • China Ministry of Foreign Affairs designee as Foreign Expert in International Business & Law


Phone: 303-963-3477

I am a former university president in Europe with experience as dean, chief academic officer, international business & higher education consultant, and as an international lawyer.  I am thrilled to be at CCU - just teaching!  My experience in living and working in Eastern Europe, China, Australia, and other countries, developing and lesser-developed, has helped inform my teaching and lifestyle.  I have helped congressmen, mayors, governmental ministers, even sitting presidents of countries abroad on various international trade and law issues, but my favorite group to interact with are budding Christian students, who will change the world for the cause of Christ.  I learn from them, they motivate and inspire me, and often challenge me while endearing themselves to my and my wife's hearts - as a childless couple, God is more than sufficient to meet our needs by having provided many surrogate parenting opportunities. 

Probably our most significant life-changing experience was living and working in the People's Republic of China as  professors, whereby our theology was changed, our worldview was turned upside down, and we made friends like we never made friends before.  This all came from a calling as missionaries out of our legal positions in the 'New Jerusalem' in Colorado Springs  - we call that experience "Sanctification for Dummies - US!".  Our most difficult calling came in Eastern Europe, whereby the ravages of Soviet Communism still run deep and carry many scars among the people and its institutions - we often contrast the communism of China with that of the former Soviet Union and have found the latter to be more pernicious.  We love our country, the USA, more and more, as our experiences help us to see it with new eyes and envision new opportunities in this dynamic and often confusing time of the early 21st Century.  Praise God that we are saved, yet sinners, on a life journey to engage in redemptive work with others, like those at CCU who are committed and unashamed to proclaim the Gospel - a Gospel most relevant to this age and to these students.  - Kyle and Trisa Usrey

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