CCU Spotlights

Joe Brooks

Joe Brooks

Residence Life

Employed at CCU since 2013

Degrees and Professional Experience

  • M.Ed. Secondary Education (Grand Canyon University)
  • B.A. Broadcast Communications (Grand Canyon University)

What do you like best about working at CCU?

The intentional community at CCU is a cut above the rest! Where most universities expect students to reach a certain level of community by the time they graduate, we see CCU students already at that goal when they start their freshman year, and we get to see them take it to the next level! God is at work here, that much you cannot deny!

Describe your most memorable experience at CCU

Most every retreat we have taken, whether our Residence Life retreats or the New Student/Senior retreat, I get the chance to see God’s grace notes throughout our community. There is just something about stepping away from our demanding/busy lives that allows us to dive deeper in the relationships and build a strong foundation for bettering God’s Kingdom.

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