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Angela King

Angela King

Degree:  Psychology

Hometown: Statesville, North Carolina

After several years of intense counseling and trauma work, the realization that I was being rescued, hit me in spring 2013. Through my journey of healing from a lifetime of abuse, I discovered this truth. The fruit of facing pain is freedom.

Because of this gift given to me by dedicated counseling staff, and much painful work to face my past, I can now say I'm beginning to experience true hope, new beginnings, and new relationships. I am beginning to believe there can be life after much tragedy.

My heart's desire is to take the gift I've been given, and give it others who are dying inside and feel hopeless, from tragedies in their life. The advantage I would have to be able to accomplish this is that I can empathize with these men and women, having personally experienced tragedy and trauma.

Winning the K-LOVE scholarship from Colorado Christian University has afforded me the opportunity to accomplish my vision which is twofold:

  • to acquire the training and skills needed to enable me to effectively assist and enable others to work through (be rescued from) their internal wounds-and-perhaps external wounds, through physical rehab, so they too can find HOPE , new perspectives, new norms, and new purpose to live after personal tragedy; and
  • to be a catalyst to inspire others that no matter how tragic your story is, hope is REAL, even though there are countless days you feel hope is a minute trace of light at the top of the deep pit you're stuck in.

As for the God part, I'm still figuring that out, but I would want to be able to some day, honestly say, "I'm living proof that God can trump evil."