CCU Spotlights

Ali Weber '15

Ali Weber '15

Bachelor of Arts -  Communication

Hometown: Aurora, Colorado

Why CCU?

I choose to attend CCU because of the Christian education and the community. It was very important for me to continue to grow in Christ throughout college, and I also wanted to play volleyball with an amazing group of girls who shared the same goals.

I have really valued the professors at CCU. They not only spark motivation to excel in academics, but they also consistently demonstrate how much they care about their students. Another great thing about CCU is that we don't have classes on Fridays! I also love the omelette bar in the cafeteria during breakfast!

I am able to experience my faith in all I do at CCU. Whether it is in class, at practice, with my roommates, or simply eating at the cafeteria, I am constantly surrounded by a community of people who portray Christ's love. My favorite classes have been Old Testament and New Testament with Professor Jones. These classes helped me expand my Biblical knowledge as well as better reveal my relationship with my Lord and Savior.

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