CCU Spotlights

Austin Woods '15

Austin Woods '15

Bachelor of Arts -  Theology

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

Why CCU?

The fellowship on campus is undoubtedly one of CCU's greatest strengths. Students and staff actively work to come alongside one another to demonstrate and grow in the love of Christ. No matter where you're coming from, you'll truly find a loving community at CCU. Additionally, faith is the cornerstone of Colorado Christian University. Through chapel services, campus events, and Christian community, life as a student is centered on the world's true Lord and Savior. Everything about CCU points back to Him, and nearly every day the university gives students real opportunities to develop a greater knowledge of and love for Jesus Christ.

There are endless opportunities at Colorado Christian University to be involved on campus. As a Freshman, I have already begun to serve and lead through the university's Men's Ministry and CCU2theWorld missions. During Spring Break, I will be leading the school's Scotland Mission Trip, and I cannot wait to see how the Lord will continue to use students like myself both domestic and abroad.

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