CCU Spotlights

Cassie Daer '14

Cassie  Daer '14

Bachelor of Science -  Business Administration

Hometown: Roscoe, Illinois

Why CCU?

When I transferred to CCU, I knew I liked smaller Christian colleges, and I knew I was in love with Colorado from being a camp counselor for two summers. So using my best research method (Google, of course) I found Colorado Christian University. I'm so happy I decided to attend CCU. The community is something that has made me feel so welcome and hardly notice the distance away from home!

The location of CCU is wonderful. It's close to Denver for the city life, and close to the mountains for hiking. Mountains are my favorite because you can go hiking, camping, snowboarding, rock climbing, and anything else you can think of. Best of all, just about everyone at CCU loves these things too, so you'll always have a group of people to go with!

The community at CCU is incredible. Having a Bible study with your floor, cup of coffee with a new friend, or even a conversation with a professor--all expose the love that this campus has for God. The Holy Spirit is definitely present on our campus, and it's so exciting to see the passion of the students and community come together. Knowing that I have people that I can talk to about my faith that will pray with me and help me learn is so comforting.

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