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David Lowery '15

David Lowery '15

Bachelor of Arts -  Theology

Hometown: Tuscon, Arizona

Why CCU?

God was leading me to study his Word, seek to know him more, and to help others on the same journey. In my senior year of high school, I began to think about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be for the rest of my life. Then God began to call me to something greater and different that I had not expected in the slightest. All I was getting from God for direction was that he wanted me to “go and know him more.” That was just about the extent of God’s calling and leading me in terms of college education/experience.

So I began to look into Christian universities, bible colleges, etc. I visited CCU in April of 2011, experienced an incredible chapel service, sat in on an introduction to theology course, and spent some quality time with some of the current students. I knew immediately after that experience that this was where God wanted me to be, and to this day I am confident in his calling me here.

I have been challenged, grown, and have been equipped to be a better reader and student of the Bible. Within my time at CCU I have been called to seminary and pastoral ministry, which I am quite excited for. Overall, I am extremely thankful for the relationships and experiences God has blessed me with in my time here. I hope my story is encouraging to you to follow God’s lead no matter where he takes you. The good shepherd is faithful to His sheep; the father is good to his adopted sons and daughters. Trust him.

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