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David Medina

David Medina

Certificate -  Biblical Studies

David Medina was a young man who grew up learning to be machismo – street smart and averse to showing weakness. Involved in drugs and the party scene, David realized prison was his future – until he turned to God. "I never knew we had a bargaining God until I bargained with him," recounts David. "I said, 'You get me out of this and I'll give you the rest of my life.''' In an unexpected reversal of fate, God got him out.

Transformed, David worked for years at OfficeMax, but another idea lingered in the back of his mind. He wanted to stop kids from taking the path he took as a young man. So, in 2006, David enrolled in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies at CCU, studying organizational management. A class assignment to create a business plan in one of his classes brought David's journey full-circle. He thought concretely about a youth center. Today, Anchor Youth Development Center is engaging kids in the poorest neighborhoods of Denver – or Colorado, for that matter. David took the ideas he learned in class and he applies them every day to God’s great calling on his life. He is, in CCU parlance, a world changer.

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