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Emily-Jane Newbern '17

Emily-Jane Newbern '17

Bachelor of Science -  Business Administration

Hometown: Rome, Georgia

Why CCU?

Someone very wise once told me, “Go with God and serve him well." These words have become the motto of my life. I am from a small town in Georgia, where my parents told me that college was the one time I could move away. Initially I chose CCU for sacrificial reasons like to get away, to play soccer, and to snowboard, but God had another reason. God brought me to CCU to reveal himself to me.

Each day I am here I continue to experience God in the most amazing ways. From the beautiful sunsets, having real relationships with my friends, the prayer time with my classmates to the professors that actually care about me and my salvation, CCU has impacted me! The intimacy that I now have with God here has completely changed my life. In high school I was a "lukewarm Christian", I found it hard to make good choices when everyone else was busy making poor ones. Here at CCU you are held accountable and I needed that to be able to grow into the woman of God indented me to be. CCU’s community has truly been a blessing, an answered prayer, and a life changing experience for me! I am proud to say that I have friends that like me, want to live to glorify God. Moving 1,500 miles away from home was the best decision I have ever made. Come serve the Lord with me and experience real snow at CCU!

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