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Kevin Burns '15

Kevin  Burns '15

Bachelor of Science -  Accounting

Hometown: Golden, Colorado

Why CCU?

I chose CCU because of how God is present on our campus. He is everywhere, in D groups, in our classes, and within each student. God is the center of everything we do, and this university is a place where I'm not only challenged academically, but I'm pushed to draw closer to God everyday.

Without a doubt the community is what makes CCU truly outstanding. I always like to tell prospective students that when friends or professors ask how you're doing, it is not a passive question. They truly want to engage and know how you're doing spiritually and academically, and you will always have friends to point you back to Christ when life gets tough. This makes our community so real and give us a place to be in constant growth.

Before coming to CCU I often thought that the only people who were in ministry were those who actually worked for a church. Now I realize that our mission field as Christians is wherever we are in the present. Christ has equipped everyone with gifts, and CCU teaches students how to cultivate each of those gifts and direct the profession we choose into our full time ministry, no matter where we find ourselves. In turn, I have learned that no matter where I go, I can have confidence that Christ is with me, and that I can share his love with others.

I'm a Colorado junkie and love every part of the state! I have lived my whole life here, and there is never a dull moment. With over 300 days of sun a year, the weather is almost always perfect to ski, bike, hike a 14er, fish, run, or skydive. And if the outdoors aren't exactly your thing, Denver is ten minutes from campus. There is literally something for every interest. Colorado is hard to beat, especially when everything we do is to the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

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