CCU Spotlights

Katie Martin '17

Katie Martin '17

Bachelor of Arts -  Psychology

Hometown: Harrisonburg, Virginia

Why CCU?

The place I call home is halfway across the country in a small town in Virginia, where a wonderful community loved on me like crazy and supported the crazy decision to move out to Colorado! Though home is 24 hours away now, community knows no bounds, and through technology, friends and family still feel so close.

CCU has provided me with amazing adventures! Surrounded by gorgeous mountains, brilliant professors, sweet friends, phenomenal chapels, and limitless ministry and leadership opportunities, my experience at CCU has facilitated growth every step of the way. The Lord has deeply challenged me to rely on Him since I arrived, but His goodness shines in my life each day, and to all my fears of being so far away, He’s calmed my heart and provided in ways I never could have dreamed. I hope that as you discern what the Lord’s calling in your life in the coming months, may distance not discourage you, and may boldness be yours! I hope to see you soon!

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