CCU Spotlights

Kirsten Slider '14

Kirsten  Slider '14

Bachelor of Arts -  Youth Ministry

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Why CCU?

I chose CCU because I was looking for a small school where I would be able to be in community with other students pursuing the Lord. I never thought that I would leave my hometown of Phoenix, AZ, but the Lord had a plan. I knew the minute that I stepped on campus and was welcomed into the community that this is where I was supposed to be.

My favorite thing about CCU is the way that we as students are prepared and able to engage in the world. Not only am a receiving an incredible education but have been able to be involved in leadership roles and with different ministries that have provided me with unfathomable experiences.

I have learned the importance of community and solitude while at CCU. The community that surrounds me has opened my eyes and heart to joy and hope in the Lord. Since at CCU the longing in my heart to want to know the Lord on an intimate level has deepened. It is a blessing to have professors, staff members, and students walk right along side of you on this journey.

My favorite place in Colorado is Idaho Springs. It is a cute little town with the best pizza (Bejau's) and one of my favorite coffee shops. Walking around on a nice fall day with a latte' in hand is a glorious adventure.

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