CCU Spotlights

Mike Brown '15

Mike Brown '15

Bachelor of Science -  Business Administration

Hometown: Herber City, Utah

Why CCU?

After spending my first year at a major university playing basketball, I realized that I had been striving for the wrong things in my life. Immediately, I asked for a release from my athletic scholarship and began searching the West for Christian schools to attend. I was prepared to give up basketball completely (something that had been my idol for much of my life).

When I came to Colorado Christian for a visit, I found a body of believers committed to living out the gospel. I also found a basketball coach who had his priorities right, that being: 1. Faith 2. Family 3. School 4. Basketball.

At CCU, I found a place where I could play basketball but not compromise those things most important to me in life. After being at CCU for a year and a half, I truly believe that I am where God wants me. Since being here, I am blown away with the growth I have undergone (by God’s grace, and through Him alone), by the education I have received, and the relationships I have built. Go CCU!!

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