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Melissa Charles '14

Melissa  Charles '14

Bachelor of Arts -  Psychology

Hometown: Longmont, Colorado

Why CCU?

I chose CCU because of the community and the different opportunities for growth and adventure. It is in a beautiful location, the perfect distance between downtown Denver and the mountains. I also liked the aspect of the small classes and personal attention from caring professors.

My favorite thing about CCU is definitely the community that is established. As a junior, I am still very good friends with girls from my freshman year stairwell community. CCU offers many opportunities to interact with others and deepen friendships, and I have enjoyed growing in the community of CCU. There are also a lot of fun events and activities that are provided, and I have loved getting to know others better through those.

I love going to chapel and being able to worship the Lord with others. The messages are relevant to what students need to hear, and the worship music is wonderful. I have been privileged to lead a freshman discipleship group during my sophomore year, as well as an upperclassmen discipleship group during this year. Through serving in these ways my faith has been challenged and deepened. It is such a joy to grow closer to the Lord through seeing others draw closer to Him. Also, I was able to travel to Scotland on a mission trip during my freshman year, and I am able to return this year. Through that mission trip I was challenged spiritually in many ways, and through working with youth overseas I was able to see the Lord work and move in and through our team and those we reached in Scotland.

My favorite place in Colorado is Estes Park. It is 45 minutes from my hometown of Longmont, and it is absolutely gorgeous there in the mountains. The shops and little restaurants in Estes add that small mountain town charm. I love all the different hiking spots available, anything from a short hike around a calm lake to climbing over boulders and up ravines to reach the top of Longs Peak. It is beautiful anytime of year, but autumn is definitely my favorite time to be in Estes Park because of all the golden aspen trees.

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