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Olivia Spoelstra '17

Olivia Spoelstra '17

Bechelor of Arts -  Elementary Education

Hometown: Cary, Illinois

Why CCU?

I first heard about CCU from my dad. He had been researching Christian colleges my entire senior year and found CCU—and the rest is history. CCU is this completely different environment than any place I had seen, with Christian believers that just understand me and fill me with such joy.

Moving all the way to CCU from Illinois was the best choice I have ever made in every way I could imagine. Colorado’s gorgeous landscape with a view of the mountains right from the CCU campus beat my view in Cary, Illinois, any day. Back home, the weather was so windy and humid with brutally bitter winters, but here it can be beautifully snowing outside one day and be 60 degrees and sunny with all the snow melted away the very next day. It’s fantastic!

More importantly, I was so scared, nervous, and anxious about my transition to college, but after I stepped onto the CCU campus for Weekend of Welcome, all of that anxiety and nerves disappeared. I felt so welcomed by every person I met, and I had an instant connection with my roommates. One of my biggest fears when I thought about transitioning into college was dealing with homesickness. Being unable to drive home every weekend really helped me see how much I love my family and is a little tough sometimes, but I have also gained this amazing sense of independence that I know I didn’t have before. More than anything, my time at CCU has been so much better than I ever expected and has been an absolutely wonderful experience.

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