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Shayna Hermans '17

Shayna Hermans '17

Bachelor of Arts -  Liberal Arts

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Why CCU?

God is unmistakably alive and moving on this campus and in this student body. I grew up in North Las Vegas, never expecting to end up on this wonderful journey in the beautiful state of Colorado, but God provided in so many ways. During my junior and senior year, I began to wonder what God’s will was for my future and how my family would afford for me to be faithful to it. I came to preview CCU with an open mind, completely unaware of what my future would hold. During my stay, I was overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord. My heart was so full of peace when I was here, and I knew that God was speaking to me and leading me to make CCU a part of my story. As my family and I prayerfully contemplated how we would manage to afford this outstanding Christian college, God was already working and making a way for me to be here.

Everyday, I am amazed and blessed by the powerful provision of the Lord and the heart of CCU. I am now completing my second semester at CCU, soaking up every moment, opportunity, and learning experience. I am beyond thankful to be a part of the CCU family and I have made so many friends. I am so incredibly eager to see what God is planning next.

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