• Strategic Objectives Workshop

    Whatever happened to the U.S. Constitution? — March 18, 2011

    Professor Bradley A. Smith

    America has been whipsawed by a series of 5-4 Supreme Court decisions that have reshaped the nation’s law on abortion, homosexual rights, political speech, economic freedom, race and gender policy and much more. One of the nation’s foremost legal scholars, Professor Bradley A. Smith, will put matters in perspective. Professor Smith is former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, a fixture on public policy TV news programs, teaches law at Capital University Law School, the author of numerous law journal articles and of a book which columnist George Will praised as “the year’s most important book on governance.” A cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, Mr. Smith is a frequent guest lecturer at more than 30 of the nation’s law schools including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Chicago, Michigan, etc.