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    Dear Friends,

    Thank you for your interest in Colorado Christian University.

    It’s often been said that if you want to change the culture, you don’t just vote, you train up young people. You reshape their minds and hearts, you give them a solid worldview, you help reshape them intellectually, morally, and spiritually, you root them in the gospel, and you equip them to serve Christ in all kinds of vocations. That is one of the key ways that the cause of Christ advances.

    That’s what we do at CCU. And without faithful supporters like you, we could not do it. So thank you for your consistent prayer and financial assistance to help us fulfill our mission.

    CCU stands out for many reasons: because of our commitment to be Christ-centered, our belief in the truthfulness of the Bible, our unique strategic objectives, our 100+ year history, our high academic standards, our commitment to integrate faith and learning and train students in competence as well as character.

    By God’s grace, CCU is well positioned for a promising future. This year we are welcoming our largest incoming class ever. We are watching as our new student center construction rises from the ground. We continue to bring in extraordinary conservative speakers and thought leaders. And, we are charging forward with the Campus Redevelopment Plan initiated by President Bill Armstrong. To learn more about this exciting Campus Redevelopment project and our progress so far, please visit the Faith | Family | Freedom Campaign website.

    We thank God for His extraordinary blessings and we seek His guidance as we move forward. So, please pray for wisdom and insight as we forge ahead with construction plans and the continued growth of enrollment. Pray for our CCU students, faculty, and staff as they fulfill God’s purpose in their lives. And please consider giving to Colorado Christian University to help us advance. It is an outstanding opportunity, not just to educate students, but to change our culture and impact the world for Christ.

    Dr. Donald W. Sweeting,
  • Giving Package  
    In the past year 3,172 friends of the University donated 5,224 gifts to CCU.
    Leprino Hall  
    Over $39 million has been given to the Campus Redevelopment Project.
    Scholarship Giving  
    Nearly $16 million in scholarships was awarded to CCU students last year.
    What began as a one-room school and a single teacher is now home to 7,000+.