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The Next Greatest Generation: Major Mason’s Story

Everyone has an answer to the simple question: Why did you join the Army? The answer is far more complex and often times is touching and compelling, true to the character of our nation. Most of all, it is restorative to those who may have doubts about our nation and its greatness by offering a sense of inner peace in the perpetuity of our nation.

House Republicans sensibly tighten Colorado’s belt

During much of the last decade December has greeted Colorado legislators with gloomy revenue forecasts that confirm there won’t be enough money to pay for the spending they budgeted in April. Drastic budget reductions ensue in order to balance the budget in final few months of the fiscal year.

Whatever happened to ‘Made in America’?

Being a fifth grader isn’t too hard other than avoiding the sixth grade bullies, playing it safe in playground politics, partaking in cafeteria trading which would give a NYSE trader a run for his money, and making sure you didn’t sit too close to the girls because you didn’t want to be accused of being in love and wanting to marry her. Fifth grade was also my first memory of conceptualizing the grandeur of our democracy manifested in the 1996 election, where the entire student body of my elementary school was sent to the gym for a mock debate between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

Without reform, China’s future dim

A couple of fairly expensive compact fluorescent light bulbs went kaput in my house after hardly any use. I checked the package and, sure enough, they were made in China. My first thought was that the Chinese need guidance from a W. Edwards Deming equivalent. My next thought was it would do no good.

Chicken Little wrong again: Oil hasn’t peaked

(CCU Faculty) A tip of the hat to Vincent Carroll of the Denver Post for his column chiding “peak oil” extremists. Carroll queries, “Where are the “peak oil” alarmists when we need them to spice up the news of rising gasoline prices? Have they all gone into hiding?”

Citizen of the world? Yes I am

(CCU Faculty) Last week at the Centennial Institute’s debate on Immigration State Senator Lucia Guzman encouraged the audience to be “citizens of the world.” The response from the overwhelming conservative crowd was a chorus of boos, followed by a reproof by John Andrews for their incivility. Afterwards I personally apologized to Senator Guzman and expressed my agreement with her. Although I am a conservative Republican, I am also a citizen of the world. As a young man I attended the Defense Language Institute then served as a linguist in Military Intelligence during the Cold War in Berlin. While most soldiers hung out with each other at bars frequented primarily by Americans, I joined a German speaking church and befriended many Germans.

Why unions fear school reform

(Denver Post, Jan. 23) The indignation was feverish. Teacher–union partisans trembled. Elaine Berman, a State Board of Education member from Denver, boycotted. Mary Johnson, an education consultant from Colorado Springs, raged. “A person known for nearly total lack of support for public education” was “bamboozling” Coloradans. The miscreant was William Moloney, our state’s past Education Commissioner under both parties from 1997 to 2007. He had been invited back on Jan. 13 by State Board chairman Bob Schaffer to testify on school reform. His crime was not burning books or blowing up buses; it was pointing out the obvious.

Civility yes, milquetoast no

In the recent rush for civility, for making our political discourse sweet, pure and very nice, Let’s heed the warning of moderation in all things and not shrink from sentences like the one below. “His speeches left the impression of an army of pompous phrases moving over the landscape in search of an idea;

We must resist Jihadism as Bonhoeffer resisted Nazism

Eric Metaxas gave a talk on his book “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy” on Tuesday night at the John Paul II Center here in Denver. An overflow crowd of over 300 people showed, including Bill Armstrong, the President of CCU, John Andrews, the head of the Centennial Institute, Charles Chaput, the Bishop of the Arch Diocese of Denver, as well as a representation of Orthodox Priests and others. Metaxas was funny, profound, and made many points that hit home! It is clear to me that the relation of Bonhoeffer to the German church in the 1930s, which accommodated the growing evil of Hitler with rationalizations and willful blindness, is the SAME relationship WE have to our secular society!

Meet Army 2LT Karthik Venkatraj

I am blessed to be in Colorado but I am most blessed because I have the absolute honor of calling myself an American. My mother and father are my inspiration. My father dreamt of coming to America and conferred with his family about his desire. His sister agreed to sell her gold to purchase a ticket for the young couple to come to America in addition to some spending money—one hundred dollars. They started their life in the mire of desperation and poverty in one room of a terrible apartment in Brooklyn, New York City, where I was born.