Daily Archives: September 2, 2011

Ten years after 9/11, is America still a family?

(CCU Student) There is something quite profound I have come to recognize within my family dynamics as I enter adulthood and start investigating the truths of our nature, politic, and universe myself. I have hit a lot of opposition between members to the point of near to complete estrangement. Disagreements over public policy, political philosophy, morality, religion, creation … etc, have crept their way into our lives creating relational barriers between ones I have known all my life and will always love.

Five ways to talk to a leftist & enjoy it

As conservatives, we feel that we are right. We feel as though the leftist agendas have been practiced to failure, exhaustion, and are not even viable solutions. However, many conservatives lack the ability to communicate with those of opposing viewpoints. I have been to countless conservative speaking–engagements, summits, think tanks, classes, et cetera, but these venues shed a “preach to the choir” ambience. What about those who are different, who vehemently disagree with conservative policies, and/or who label us evil, bigots, fear–mongers, callous, immoral, and barrages of other words?