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In America’s crisis of values, who will lead?

(‘76 Contributor) Our great nation faces a crisis, as threatening as Pearl Harbor or Southern secession … and more pernicious because self-inflicted: too many in government have made promises that we cannot keep; too many citizens expect, even demand, more than we have to give. Editor: Colorado business entrepreneur and civic leader Terry Considine made these remarks in accepting a lifetime award from the Leadership Program of the Rockies, which he helped found in 1987.

Who needs a governor anyway?

(Denver Post, Feb. 26) “An empty taxi drove up to 10 Downing Street,” joked Winston Churchill about the man who defeated him for prime minister in 1946, “and out of it stepped Clement Attlee.” Droll, but Attlee laughed last. Nothing succeeds like success. Detractors who grumble that there is “no there, there” in John Hickenlooper’s remarkable political winning streak, have to admit the same thing about his long-running popularity as Mayor of Denver and now Governor of Colorado: voters just like the guy.

Koran apology is another symptom of US dhimmitude

We are witnessing the greatest surrender, abject acts of submission to sharia, and the most embarrassing episodes of dhimmitude yet seen in America. I thought things were bad in the United Kingdom and Spain. If you follow Diana West’s work, you’ve already seen this video, in which General John Allen, the supreme commander of the ISAF forces in Afghanistan, made a statement apologizing to the “noble people of Afghanistan” for the destruction of Islamic religious paraphernalia confiscated from prisoners of war.

New Jersey’s political pathology: Could it happen here?

(Centennial Fellow) During the campaign for ratification of the U.S. Constitution James Madison, wrote to John Randolph in 1788 extolling the concept of Federalism—saying that “this system allows each state to indulge their own governmental peculiarities, while at the same time by their example offering instruction to all other states regarding good practices to be emulated and bad ones to be avoided.”

Legislature shouldn’t treat employers as adversaries

(Centennial Fellow) At a time when state legislators should be doing everything possible to encourage job creation, a bill working its way through the Colorado Senate unfairly paints employers as unreasonable and untrustworthy. Worse still, Senate Bill 3 gives trial lawyers another opportunity to sink their teeth into Colorado’s job creators—extracting “damages” where none exist and forcing employers to pay dearly just to prove their innocence.

Restricting super PAC’s imperils free speech

(Centennial Fellow) Back around 1600, a Scottish physician made so bold as to write that the king of England and Anglican church officials were answerable to a higher power. His phraseology was not kind, and the Court of Star Chamber ordered his ears cut off. Even in the United States, there have always been those who want to shut you up one way or the other, the tradition stretching from the Alien and Sedition Acts of the John Adams administration to the campaign finance laws of today.

‘33 Minutes’ film exposes US lack of missile defense

(CCU Student) How safe do you think you are? If there was an attack on the United States, do you think you would survive? What if it was a nuclear ballistic missile? How long do you think you would have to get to safety? A few days? A few hours? What if you had only 33 minutes from launch time to get to safety?

Obama declares war on people of faith

Republicans will suffer politically from their “overreach on family planning” in response to a minor mistake by HHS, says Susan Barnes-Gelt in the January round of Head On TV debates. Nothing minor here, replies John Andrews; Obama’s mandate on religious institutions is a declaration of war. John on the right, Susan on the left, also go at it this month over the Komen Foundation vs. Planned Parenthood, Iran’s threat to Israel, Colorado legislative ethics, and the presidential race. Head On has been a daily feature on Colorado Public Television since 1997. Here are all five scripts for February:

Obama’s budget joke

Now that President Barack Obama has treated us to a madcap budgetary joke, it’s time to get serious for the sake of national survival. To be sure, it’s a laugh for him to act like he wants to further defund Social Security by extending payroll–tax cuts, especially when you know Social Security is already in the red, and entitlements — including Medicare and Medicaid — will take up every cent of revenue by midcentury, minus restructuring.

Economic freedom losing ground in US & globally

(CCU Student) Economic freedom in the USA is unmatched, right? Wrong, according to a policy briefing given today at The Heritage Foundation, which I attended as part of my CCU Washington semester. Ambassador Terry Miller, Director of Heritage’s Center for International Trade and Economics, spoke on the 2012 Index of Economic Freedom, co-published by Heritage and the Wall Street Journal. The Index scores 179 economies from around the world on ten factors in four major areas: rule of law (property rights and freedom from corruption), limited government (fiscal freedom and government spending), regulatory efficiency (business freedom, labor freedom, and monetary freedom), and open markets (trade freedom, investment freedom, and financial freedom).