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Being Christian and conservative isn’t contradictory, Mike Lux

(CCU Faculty) Mike Lux, blogging in the Huffington Post, announces he has found the “Ultimate Contradiction-in-Terms: Right-Wing Christians.” Lux shakes his head and condemns those of us who claim to follow Jesus Christ and still vote for an occasional Republican. Here’s the oracle in full. Lux begins this attack on people like myself by relating a debate between Glenn Beck and leftist-evangelical Jim Wallis. Wallis won the debate of course because he “actually knows something about the Bible.” Beck and his hero, Ayn Rand, enthrone “selfishness as the ultimate virtue.” (Lots of “ultimates” in Mike’s Luxicon.)

‘Freedom nationally, virtue locally’ could be Right’s answer

(Centennial Fellow) Conservatives and libertarians fight about social issues so routinely that we assume the differences are insurmountable. Most everyone on the center-right is dubious of big government, but when it comes to protecting the unborn or preserving the traditional definition of marriage, we are divided as to government’s proper role. Yet when the threat of big government grows so ominous that it overshadows all else, a “freedom coalition” emerges, as is now happening in response to the reign of Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Inevitably, however, infighting resumes once the threat subsides.