CCU Named a College of Distinction

  • Colleges of Distinction
June 18, 2012 -- Colorado Christian University has been included in the 2012-13 national Colleges of Distinction list. A yearly compendium of the top schools in the nation, Colleges of Distinction are ranked by four main criteria: engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities, and successful outcomes.

The rankings, found on and accompanied by an e-book, provide a way for students, parents, and counselors to judge colleges by what matters most in an undergraduate experience, such as quality of teaching and success of graduates.

"The inclusion of CCU as a College of Distinction speaks to the labor of the faculty and staff as they strive to make every student's experience successful," said Dean of Enrollment Derry Ebert. "But it also speaks to our core of students who are committed to engaging with the world around them while developing relationally, academically, and spiritually."

Each college on the list is first nominated by a high school college counselor, and then evaluated according to qualitative and quantitative data. interviews staff, faculty, and key administrators throughout the country, and measures this data alongside graduation rates, classroom size, and other essential statistics in order to produce a final list of top schools.

CCU was noted for its "whole hearted, and whole campus commitment to the Christian faith," as well as for the strategic objectives of the school, which help to ensure successful outcomes for graduates.

The focus on both qualitative and quantitative aspects allows to identify schools that may not be well-known to the general public but are distinguished for their excellence. Each school on the list offers a variety of innovative learning experiences, focuses strongly on teaching undergraduates, and features a vibrant community life. Additionally, each school has established itself among graduate schools and employers for its outstanding preparation. For more information, visit CCU's page on