CCU Spotlights

Aaron Subich

Aaron Subich

History; Leadership minor
Class of 2005

CCU gave me the confidence and tools to face a dynamic world that is not always supportive, or filled with hope, faith, and love. I often draw on experiences, lessons, and convictions I acquired while at CCU. In addition, my wife, my best friend, my best man, and closest friends in the world were all people I met at CCU. Even though I'm now in Chicago, CCU's community continues to support and challenge me.

I learned not to be afraid to ask questions and consider different view points than my own. When I arrived at CCU, I had a lot of answers and was pretty insecure and worried about being right. By the time I left, I had a lot of confidence and the ability to ask good questions without feeling insecure about not already having my mind made up. I also left with that ability to have much more fulfilling and intimate relationships with others because I could actually hear them, and they weren't consistently frustrated by my having to be right all the time.

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