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Brittany Corona

Brittany Corona

Colorado Christian University
Class of 2012

Brittany Corona is a State Programs and Government Relations Director for the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice working in states to advance parental choice in education. Prior to working at the Foundation, she was a domestic policy studies researcher for the Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, where she conducted policy research and writing on education, welfare, and family issues. Her research and commentary has appeared in state news outlets across the country and on digital venues, such as National Review Online, The Federalist, and The Daily Signal. She has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs speaking on education. Outside of policy, her writings have been featured in Christian philosophy outlets such as the Center for a Just Society and The Classical Difference.

Brittany is an alumna of four graduate fellowships in political philosophy, politics, and law including The John Jay Institute fellowship (2012), The Claremont Institute Publius fellowship (2013), the Young Conservatives Coalition fellowship (2013), and The Heritage Foundation Graduate Welfare Studies fellowship (2014). She is also a 1776 scholar at The Centennial Institute in Denver, Colorado.

Brittany graduated with honors from Colorado Christian University with bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Social Science. While at CCU Brittany also led a prison ministry that mentored juveniles in detention centers in the Denver-metro area. She is a native of Tucson, Arizona, and currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she is an active member in her Anglican parish.

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