CCU Spotlights

Troy Nissen

Troy  Nissen

Accounting; Finance minor
Class of 2009

My expectations for college were absolutely blown away by CCU. I feel prepared for my future in every way possible. Socially, I honed my people skills through jobs, activities, and leadership positions. Academically, I earned my degree and have a great foundation for the CPA exam. Emotionally, I believe I know myself and the areas to strengthen, focus, and alter for a rich future. Professionally, I experienced two internships and secured a full-time job in a field that I love. Spiritually, I know the one in whom I believe and am firmly grounded in my faith. I cannot say enough about my development and preparation at CCU.

Without a doubt, my Christ-centered worldview is the most important piece of my time at CCU -- that is the distinguishing value of a CCU education. I grew deeply in my relationship with God, gained lifelong friends who are also brothers and sisters in Christ, and established my steps on the path of abundant life. Anyone can get an accounting degree from thousands of other schools, but when life comes crashing in, my house will still be standing.

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