CCU Spotlights

Joy Strickland

Joy Strickland

Life Directions Center

Employed at CCU since 2002

Degrees and Professional Experience

  • M.Ed. (Alfred University)
  • B.A. Mass Communications (Taylor University)

What do you like best about working at CCU?

I really appreciate the community we share at Colorado Christian University. The students here are very committed to knowing Jesus more, being His hands in this world, and loving people. I feel blessed to know, serve, and work with these students. I also appreciate the opportunities I am given at CCU to grow professionally and the amazing colleagues I am privileged to work with on a daily basis.

Describe your most memorable experience at CCU

That is a difficult question to answer because I have so many great memories at CCU. I can't select just one, so here are a few of my favorites: working alongside students late at night preparing for new student orientation or WOW (Weekend of Welcome), serving students dinner at our annual Final's Breakfast, and celebrating with graduating seniors at the Senior Banquet and their graduation.