After completing her accounting degree, Kaitlin Fugleberg '13 joined the accounting staff of Real Property management, a leading company for property management along Colorado's front range.


Emphases: Computer Information Systems, Economics, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, Pre-Law
"You have to know accounting. It's the language of practical business life. It was a very useful thing to deliver to civilization..."
  -Charlie Munger, investor and Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (b. 1924)

The Accounting degree at Colorado Christian University provides you with both breadth and depth of accounting knowledge, and prepares you to meet the increased demand for accounting expertise in all industries. While career opportunities for accounting graduates have always been stable – even during economic downturns – increasing scrutiny of corporate finances has fueled demand for those with competency in the field.

A major in accounting also provides you the mobility to pursue various business careers in the fields of management, finance, operations, and consulting because accounting provides essential knowledge about profits, costs, and cash flows – key metrics in every organization. With a working knowledge of accounting, you'll be better equipped to capitalize on emerging opportunities that provide new career directions such as moving from financial accounting to strategic financial analysis; from financial analysis to operations management; or from managing departments to consulting.

Accounting in the Christian University

A Christian framework for accounting, finance, and business is the structure that differentiates Colorado Christian University's accounting major from other accounting degrees. By fostering a Christian approach to business – rather than simply being a Christian in the business realm – you'll learn that the virtues specific to your Christian life can shape the everyday practices of the marketplace. Our desire is to teach you how to be salt and light in a secular business world. CCU Accounting Majors are equipped with the knowledge required for any professional entering into the field of accounting and finance and fulfill the current requirements necessary to take the Uniform CPA Examination in the State of Colorado. An additional 30 semester hours are required for CPA licensure, all of which can be earned through CCU’s Master of Business Administration with an Accounting emphasis. By carefully selecting 500-level elective credits, accounting students can also earn up to 18 credit hours toward their CCU MBA degree while finishing their undergraduate accounting degree at no additional cost or time to graduation.
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Interesting Accounting classes you might take:
  • Business Law
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Tax Accounting
What can you do with a degree in Accounting?
  • Consulting
  • Controller
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Financial Reporting and Budget Analysis
  • Public Accounting



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God's leadership over the millennia is the primary standard by which all other leaders may be measured. Virtually every business and non-profit circumstance can be vitally informed by God's wisdom.
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