“The English Major is one of the most academically rigorous programs at CCU. I felt when I was there I received an education on par with that at any larger or more well known program.” – Christy Jansenn, International Partner in Development and Community Specialist at Compassion International


Emphases: Creative Writing, Literary Studies
"Words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary; how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them."
  - Nathaniel Hawthorne, American novelist and writer (1804-1864)

The English degree at Colorado Christian University provides you with the refined writing skills, effective communication abilities, and critical thinking skills that employers value. Through study and analysis of a diverse selection of literary works, you'll be exposed to thoughts, ideas, and challenges that will prepare you for further study in graduate school. You'll also be encouraged to submit your writing for publication through Paragon (a creative writing student publication) and other venues such as poetry and essay writing contests in an effort to expose your writing as much as possible before graduation. 

English in the Christian University

The English major at CCU focuses on increasing student knowledge about traditions, history, and culture. But that knowledge can never be divorced from the ability to communicate truth and the love of Jesus Christ with efficiency and grace. That means you'll leave CCU with a better understanding of the human experience, which will hopefully lead you to respect diversity, embrace creative expression, and continue your ongoing journey of self-discovery. Each of these disciplines can be an invaluable skill in your life, no matter which career path you choose. 
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Interesting English classes you might take:
  • Advanced Creative Writing (Poetry or Fiction)
  • Christian Writers
  • World Literature
What can you do with a degree in English ?
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Journalism
  • Publicist
  • Secondary Education



Dr. Janet Black

Professor of English
School of Humanities and Sciences

I have found a special delight, as well as a challenge, in teaching English in the context of my faith in Christ and with reference to the traditions of Christianity, both contemporary and ancient. This challenge keeps me fresh and, I hope, keeps me authentic as I live out my commitment to my Lord.
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