After completing his History degree, Garrett Shields '05, completed a Master's degree at Johns Hopkins University, and is now employed by a National Security consulting firm.


"History is not history unless it is the truth."
  -Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States (1809-1865)

The History degree at Colorado Christian University opens doors for graduates to teach or seek overseas employment. With proper planning and preparation, you'll have many opportunities after graduation to use the critical thinking skills and historical knowledge gained during your history courses. An undergraduate degree in history is ideal preparation for many government jobs. CCU History graduates have applied for work with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and other government agencies. They have received internships at the National Archives, local museums, and with political officials. Former CCU students are also serving as journalists, educators, paralegals, aides to state and national legislators, researchers in political think tanks, pastors, missionaries, and relief workers all over the world. 

History in the Christian University

CCU History majors are encouraged to engage in debates, to be aware of current events and politics, to pray for and learn about the persecuted church, and to think critically about historical events and their impact on the world from an evangelical point of view.
Course Catalog
Interesting History classes you might take:
  • Ancient Mediterranean World
  • Modern Europe
  • Historiography
What can you do with a degree in History?
  • Archival Management
  • Foreign Service
  • Intelligence Services
  • Law/Criminal Justice
  • Political Campaigns



Dr. William Watson

Professor of History
School of Humanities and Sciences

The integration of faith and learning is natural for a Christian Historian: first, because it is simply an extension of my personal relationship with God, and secondly due to the subject matter of my discipline. I believe academic Christians should compromise neither their faith, nor their search for truth in the temporal realm.
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