Leadership Studies
Alumnus Louellen Lowe (Hurst) '07, currently serves as the East Texas Regional Director for United States Senator John Cornyn (R-TX).

Leadership Studies

 "Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence."
  -Bernard Law Montgomery, Field Marshall and British Army Officer (1887-1976)

The Leadership minor at Colorado Christian University is a four-year program for students who want to develop effective leadership skills and character. The program combines intense academic study with practical, supervised training to cultivate your understanding and application of leadership principles. The program is founded upon biblical and theoretical principles including modeling and mentoring, and utilizes courses, retreats, and field experiences as forms of instruction. Practical leadership experiences on campus help you clarify what is required of you to be a skilled leader.

Leadership Studies in the Christian University

Most collegiate leadership programs consist of academic classes only. CCU's Leadership program requires that you learn through both academic classes and real-world leadership experience driven by Christian principles, theory, and ethics. We find that the real-world application of the leadership theory learned in class reinforces that theory and catalyzes your growth intellectually, physically, and spiritually. People with a minor in leadership are common. Those with a minor in leadership and real-world experience, shaped by a Christian worldview, are priceless!
Course Catalog
Interesting Leadership Studies classes you might take:
  • Leadership Communication
  • Personal Life of the Leader
  • Theoretical Foundations for Leadership
What can you do with a degree in Leadership Studies ?
  • College Campus Ministries
  • Consulting
  • Graduate School
  • Management
  • Non-Profit Work



Dr. Gary W. Ewen

Dean and Professor of Management and Leadership Studies
School of Business and Leadership

There is more to success than making money. It’s all about making a difference. To make a difference, you need the right perspective. In the School of Business and Leadership, all of our business classes integrate faith in Jesus Christ as paramount. Our goal is to act as a student's personal trainer in preparation to become a Christian business leader within their selected career and community.
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