Worship Arts
Justin Bullis '04, is the worship arts pastor at the Sanctuary Downtown, an interdenominational church in Denver. He helps plan weekly services, coordinates and rehearses the worship teams, and writes/arranges music.

Worship Arts

"There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is."
  - William P. Merrill, Author, pastor, and Justice of the Peace (1867-1954)

If you're interested in pursuing a career that will allow you to use your musical gifts and talents in ministry, CCU offers the Bachelor of Music in Worship Arts. By combining elements of sound recording technology and theatre with music through this program, you'll be philosophically, practically, and spiritually equipped for effective leadership and administration of a music/worship ministry within the body of Christ. The Worship Arts degree also offers excellent preparation for graduate school or seminary. 

Worship Arts In the Christian University

The Worship Arts program focuses on the development and practice of worship throughout history and of the contemporary church. While not promoting a particular style of worship, the program equips you to be knowledgeable and capable in most forms of Protestant worship. Particular attention is paid to working with all instruments, including voices, along with a distinct performance and internship requirement.

Prospective students who are planning to major or minor in music are required to audition for participation in most ensembles and for consideration for music scholarships.


Course Catalog
Interesting Worship Arts classes you might take:
  • University Worship Ensemble
  • Foundations of Worship and Worship Arts
  • Scoring and Arranging
What can you do with a degree in Worship Arts ?
  • Choir Director
  • Graduate School/Seminary
  • Missions
  • Perform
  • Worship Leader



Dr. Brian Claxton

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School of Music

Music is a spiritual study. Each time a musician performs, they have the opportunity to have a deep spiritual connection with their listeners, and with Christ.
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