Colorado Christian University
Admitted Student Checklist

Admitted Student Checklist

  • Complete your FAFSA (if not already done)

    File your FAFSA online for accurate and quick results. Include CCU’s Title IV Code (009401) to ensure we receive your FAFSA report from the government. This year we are asking that families use the Data Retrieval tool when completing the FAFSA application.

    Apply for DSA

    Before viewing and accepting your financial aid package online, you must update your Digital Services Account (DSA). You will need your Student ID number, which was included on your acceptance letter. If you cannot find it, please contact your Enrollment Counselor. Once you create a DSA password, make a note of it, as you will need this to log into all of CCU’s systems.

    View financial aid package

    Once you have been awarded financial aid, you will receive an e-mail advising you to log into WebAdvisor and view the financial aid that is available to you. You will need to accept or decline your awards online. (Use your DSA log-in information to log into WebAdvisor)

    Tuition deposit

    If you are admitted to Colorado Christian University and plan to enroll, you must submit a non-refundable tuition deposit (see Tuition and Fees) to reserve your spot and secure your financial aid and scholarships. For your convenience, you may submit the tuition deposit online.

    Housing deposit

    Because CCU views living on campus as an important part of a student's complete educational experience, full-time (12 credit hours or more), unmarried students (under the age of 21) in their first and second year of college after high school graduation, who are taking courses in the College of Undergraduate Studies (traditional program) are required to reside on campus. Students in their first or second year of college that are from the Denver area may live on campus or with their parents. In order to be eligible to live with parents, students in the Denver area must complete the residency requirement waiver portion of the housing application. See below. Students who do not comply with this policy may be charged for on-campus housing even if they are not living on campus.

    A housing deposit (see Tuition and Fees) is required for students who plan to live in University housing. You may submit the housing deposit online. Please allow 24 hours for the housing deposit to process.

    Housing application

    Submit Housing Application/Lease and Meal Plan Application

    You will be guided through an interactive application that will help you find the right apartment on campus for you! You will have the opportunity to match your interests and habits with other CCU future students and lock in your roommates for next semester. Statistically, students who live on campus see better success academically and deeper development in their spiritual and social lives. If you are planning to live off campus and are under the age of 21, please submit the Residency Waiver. All meal plan options are available to students living off campus and you can select a meal plan while completing your waiver.

    If you have already signed a housing contract and need to be released from it, you will need to submit the Lease Cancellation Request. Please note the deadlines for receiving full and partial reimbursement of your housing deposit.

  • Register for Weekend of Welcome

    Weekend of Welcome (WOW) is August 22-26.  Students will begin moving on campus later in the day on August 22.  Students will receive a schedule of move-in according to where they are living on campus. More information will be available soon and registration for WOW will open May 1, 2018. You may e-mail or call 303-963-3364 if you have immediate questions.

    Class registration process

    Your CCU account

    To register for classes at CCU, students must have a Digital Services Account (DSA). The DSA is the student's digital identity at CCU, and grants access to CCU e-mail, the My CCU portal site and CCU's WebAdvisor.

    You applied for your Digital Services Account (DSA) when you viewed your financial aid award letter. After you have submitted your tuition deposit, you will return to the Digital Services Account link and update your account to a "student" account by re-submitting your demographic info. (If you have forgotten your password for your DSA, there is a password reset link available). After that, you will be directed to some new links to create an official CCU email account.

    If you have never applied for a DSA prior to your tuition deposit, please go directly to our Digital Services Account web page and complete the application. You will need your CCU student ID number for this. It is printed on your acceptance letter. If you cannot find your ID number, please contact your Enrollment Counselor in the Admission Office. If you experience any difficulty, contact the IT Help Desk at 303-963-3444.

    In order to register for classes, your Emergency Contact Information must be up-to-date. Visit our Update your Emergency Contact Information web page and log in with your Student ID number and password. Even if your address has not changed, you must still do this! If you experience any difficulty, contact the IT Help Desk at 303-963-3444.

    Class Registration Process (Fall 2018 Students Only)

    Before a student can register for classes, CCU's Life Directions Center (LDC) will need to collect some important information to help identify the courses appropriate for you. In order to provide this information, please complete the Pre-Registration Form (log-in required). 

    Once you have paid your tuition deposit and you have completed the Pre-Registration Form, you will be contacted regarding the next step to register for courses. Registration meetings over the phone or in person with transfer students will be April 16th. Registration for freshmen will begin during Scholarship Recognition Weekend April 27-28. 

    Please have your final transcript, if applicable, sent to CCU as soon as possible so we have the most up-to-date information on previous credits you may be transferring into CCU.

    If Applicable, Request ADA Accommodations from the Life Directions Center

    If you had a 504 or IEP in high school because of a diagnosed disability, we urge you to consider requesting accommodations at CCU. The CCU Accessibility and Accommodations website provides helpful information on applying for accommodations, as well as the kinds of accommodations that CCU offers. Please see the Accessibility and Accommodations website to get appropriate forms. We advise turning in this paperwork at the earliest date possible to allow enough time for processing your application and setting up the appropriate accommodations.

    Other Details

    If you are admitted as a CAD (Conditionally Admitted) student, you will be in a Student Success Course in the fall for academic support and encouragement. In addition, you are limited on the number of credit hours you can enroll in. Please talk to your Enrollment Counselor if you are unsure about your admittance status.

  • Lifestyle Covenant

    Submit the Lifestyle Covenant/Statement of Faith

    The Lifestyle Covenant is an important part of the CCU culture and expectations for the community. You can read more about the Lifestyle Covenant here. By signing this document, students make a commitment to each other and to the University that they will pursue the challenge of living out biblical standards. Additionally, each student must sign the Statement of Faith. Colorado Christian University unites with the broad, historic evangelical faith rather than affiliating with any specific denomination. In this commitment, the University embraces the declarations of the National Association of Evangelicals. This form is due by the Add/Drop date of the first semester of enrollment; however, it is important information that should be reviewed prior to arrival at CCU. Failure to submit the form will result in a hold placed on the student’s account, preventing registration.

    Health Insurance

    All Health Services forms can be returned via e-mail at, faxed to 303-301-8365, or mailed to CCU Health Services, 8787 W. Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226.

    Submit your Student Personal Insurance Coverage Form

    CCU Policy states that all traditional undergraduate students at CCU (living on or off campus) carrying six or more credits are required to have health insurance coverage.

    Learn more about University Health Services.


    Submit your Immunization Documentation (PDF)

    The State of Colorado requires college students to have a certified record of two doses of the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine. The MMR record must be signed by a physician, nurse, county health department official, or school health authority. Students may submit documentation from their doctor’s office or may use the Immunization form above and have their physician sign it.

    Submit proof of the Meningitis Vaccine Request Form OR Meningitis Vaccine Waiver

    The meningitis vaccine is recommended by the CDC, the Colorado State Health Department, and the American College Health Association. The State of Colorado does not require that students receive the meningitis vaccine, but the state does require signed documentation that each student has read the information about the disease and the vaccination. The student must show proof of either:

    • Having received the Meningococcal Vaccine within 5 years prior to enrollment*;
    • Having read the Meningococcal Disease information sheet and completed the request form to receive the vaccine at CCU Health Services; or
    • Having read the Meningococcal Disease information sheet and declined the vaccine via waiver.

    *Please Note: If the primary dose was administered before the student’s 16th birthday, a second (booster) dose should be administered prior to enrollment in college. The booster dose can be administered any time after the 16th birthday.

    Immunization information must be submitted to the CCU Health Services Office by the add/drop date of the first semester of enrollment. Failure to submit the required meningitis vaccine documentation will result in a hold being placed on the student's account. Contact Health Services at or 303-963-3365 with questions.

    Submit the Consent to Treat Minors Form

    If you are under 18 years old, your parent/guardian must complete the Consent to Treat Minors Form (PDF).

    Submit Final High School Transcripts

    Whether you have just completed high school or are transferring from another university, you must submit a final transcript from your high school and the previous institution you attended. Please submit this to the Admission Office as soon as possible. You may use the Institutional Transcript Request Form (PDF) for this purpose. If you are currently enrolled, please request a final transcript be mailed upon graduation or completion of coursework.

    Complete Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling (if applicable)

    As a result of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, all federal student loans come directly from the U.S. Department of Education under the Direct Loan Program. If students are eligible for a Federal Stafford loan (Subsidized or Unsubsidized), they need to complete an Entrance Counseling session. This session covers the rights and responsibilities of a Direct Stafford Loan borrower and is a federal requirement prior to obtaining the loan funds.

    Sign Promissory Note (if applicable)

    If you have been awarded student loans, go to the U.S. Department of Education Direct Loans website and sign your Master Promissory Note.

    Make Final Payment Arrangements

    Payment Options include financial aid, FACTS payment plan, check, credit card, and/or electronic check. See our Online Payment FAQ (PDF) for more details. Payment arrangements for all semester charges must be made by July 1 for the fall semester and by December 1 for the spring semester. To discuss your financial aid award and payment options, call Service Central at 303-963-3230 or 800-44-FAITH, extension 3230. You may also e-mail Service Central at

  • Student Athletes

    Student athletes should obtain the information on requirements from the Athletics Department.


    CCU offices communicate with students via e-mail. It is important to check your e-mail often and respond when prompted to do so. It is important that you know which e-mail address the University is using to communicate with the student. When you applied for a DSA, you were automatically assigned a e-mail address. If you did not change it or forward your e-mail to a personal address, then the official e-mail on file for you with the University is the one assigned to you at that time. You may change your official e-mail or have e-mail forwarded from the e-mail. Many times students will find it beneficial to have a .edu e-mail so they can get various discounts.

    • How to find out what my e-mail is: Log on to Use your log-in credentials and you can find out what your CCU e-mail address is even you don’t know it.
    • How to check my e-mail: Log on to
    • How to forward my e-mail to my personal e-mail: Log on to and you can set up your to forward to a different e-mail address.
    • How to change my e-mail address on file with CCU: go to, click on resources and then click on “my computer account” Follow the directions from there.


    • What to Bring? Wondering what to pack for college. Take a look at our suggested “What to Bring List.” Be aware that many retailers will offer their own packing list. Some of it may or may not pertain to CCU, so when shopping take along our list and compare. Bed, Bath and Beyond provide a special service for college students: Reserve Online, Pay in Store—you can reserve what you want and pick up your items at a store near campus (nearest store is about 5 miles from campus. This is provided as information only. This program is not endorsed by CCU.
    • What if I have a car? All students parking on campus must register their vehicle. You can do this at