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    College of Undergraduate Studies

    CCU is looking for students who are committed to growing spiritually, who are well-prepared academically, and who expect to contribute to their community. Here's a snapshot of our student body, based on 2014-2015 statistics.

    Traditional Undergraduate Demographics

    • Over 1,100 students from all 50 states and several foreign countries
    • Freshman Class of 2013: 1,458 applications received; 444 enrolled
    • 45% of first-time freshmen are from outside Colorado
    • 11% of the student body are part of an ethnic minority
    • 90% retention rate for freshmen, fall to spring (2012-2013)   
    • 2:3 male to female ratio
    • 59 Christian denominations are represented at CCU


    • Average Grade Point Average: 3.65
    • Average Test Scores: ACT - 24.3; SAT - 1624 (2400)
    • 51 full-time faculty members
    • Faculty to student ratio 8:1
    • Average class size: 14 students

    Financial Aid

    • Over $35 million dollars in financial aid distributed (all CCU students)
    • $14,067,950 in Institutional Scholarships/grants awarded
    • $1,380,240 in federal scholarships/grants awarded
    • $528,129 in Colorado state scholarships/grants awarded
    • 92% of students qualified for some form of financial aid

    In choosing CCU, students placed importance on:

    • Religious affiliation: 83%
    • Integration of faith and learning: 70%
    • Financial Assistance: 69%

    Students while at CCU:

    • 59% live on campus
    • 77% are interested in playing intramural or recreational sports
    • 25% participate in NCAA Division II Athletics
    • 92% discuss course content outside of the classroom
    • 80% are involved in student clubs, organizations, or ministries

    *Please remember these numbers are averages. CCU seeks highly motivated and talented individuals; therefore, test scores and GPAs alone do not guarantee admission or denial. The University admits a wide variety of students who present academic profiles above and below these averages.
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    Reagan Senn '17

    Major: English

    After visiting CCU for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the staff, professors, and students I met. I felt right at home with a welcoming community of authentic believers. If you are looking for adventures in God’s beautiful creation, a great education, and an outstanding community with a heart for the Lord, Colorado Christian University is perfect for you!
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