• Volunteer Opportunities at CCU

    CCU’s Alumni Association is experiencing a revival! And we want you to be a part of it! Fill out the Volunteer Application for opportunities to serve other alumni at large and small events, local or out of town events, contacting other alumni, and opportunities from the comfort of your home. The Alumni Council is also still taking applicants for board members. Your commitment can be for one big event, to just a few phone calls. CCU will be delighted to have you home again!

    CCU’s Centennial Celebration is this year 2014-2015 – don’t miss it! Stay tuned for lots of fun and celebration!

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  • Volunteer Opportunity: Become an Education Alumni Ambassador

    Give the gift that money cannot buy…your wisdom! You can help your local school, a fellow CCU graduate and support both CCU and the Curriculum and Instruction Education Division (C&I ED) within the College of Adult and Graduate Studies as an Alumni Ambassador. From volunteering for a one-time project, to providing support for a school year for a CCU student, you can make a unique contribution to benefit members of our community in a many ways. Provide some career support by hosting an informational field interview for someone investigating a career in education or by giving a practice interview to a CCU teacher candidate. Perhaps you know a needed professional development topic for CCU to deliver or you want to refer a potential student. 

    Whatever your idea is to help a new teacher, a school administrator or yourself, please feel free to contact the Director of Graduate Education Programs, Dr. Bush White at bbwhite@ccu.edu or the Director of Undergraduate Education Programs, Maureen Simms at msimms@ccu.edu.

  • Contact Info

    Alumni Relations

    Phone: 303-963-3337

    Fax: 303-301-8337

    Email: alumni@ccu.edu