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Do Employers Accept Online Degrees?

As the online education market has increased, and as the number of online students has grown, there has been a growing fear that these students experience. That fear can be summed up in a simple question: "Do employers accept online degrees?" The question is totally understandable. After all, online education represents a departure from the tried-and-true way of doing things. Since a basic goal of education is getting a job, will this newfangled form of learning give the student a firm footing in the competitive job market?

An Answer
The simple answer to the question, "do employers accept online degrees," is YES. A more direct answer to the question is OF COURSE! Now an explanation is in order. After all, it is facile to give a pat answer on behalf of all of the thousands of employers in the world. But a simple question deserves a simple answer. Do employers accept online degrees? In the main, yes, they do. Now, for the long answer.

An Explanation
The explosive growth of online education is a testament to the fact that employers accept online degrees. If a product exists (for any period of time), there is obviously a market for that product. The online education product is booming, and there must be some market for that product. It is impossible that thousands of gullible students are issuing forth from these online schools jobless and penniless. Graduates of online institutions are getting jobs, plain and simple.

An Advantage
In fact, the more innovative employers are the ones that are more likely to accept online degrees. As a general rule, innovative employers are the employers that are more likely to offer better working environments, more likely to offer better pay and benefits, and more likely to grow. Thus, it's very possible that you are actually serving yourself better by embarking in an online degree program.

A Caveat
As in any discussion, a caveat is in order. Simply banging out a degree program isn't sufficient by itself to land you a top-notch, six-figure job right out of school. Instead, you must choose your online education carefully, study hard, and search diligently for a job. Do employers accept online degrees? Yes. But it's up to you, the student, to make a difference.


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