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Financial Aid Tips for Christian College Students

If you are a Christian college student and are considering going back to school, there may be a number of scholarship opportunities out there for you. The faculty and staff at Colorado Christian University know full well that pursuing a college degree can be expensive. Christian scholarships and grants will help you be able to pay for tuition, books, fees, commuting expenses, daycare if necessary, and other expenses associated with attending college. There is actually award money that goes unclaimed each year, so the opportunities for financial aid are out there; you just have to find them. Colorado Christian University has admissions and financial aid representatives on hand to help you, but in the meantime, here are some financial aid tips to get you started.

The time and effort you put into finding scholarship and grant opportunities will pay off in dividends in the future. If money is the only hurdle you face in your journey to pursue a college education, you can start looking online right now, and you'll find many Christian college scholarships that you can apply for next semester.

First, perform an in-depth search of Christian college scholarships. Keep in mind that many organizations have funding set aside to help you cover your college tuition and related expenses. A good place to start is your church or any faith-based organization or association to which you belong. You should also contact the Admissions and Financial Aid Office at the colleges and universities to which you're applying. Check out blogs of schools for financial aid tips and use scholarship search engines to find many Christian college scholarships and grants.

Take a look at these websites to help you find a variety of Christian-based scholarships and grants.

  1. Search through various categories of Christian grants and scholarships from accredited schools.
  2. Christian College Guide: For people looking at options from several different schools. This site features a "total cost" search option providing a list of Christian colleges that fit your budget.
  3. Christian College Mentor: A conventional scholarship search with two options that allow you to search by a keyword or by adding in personal information.

It's best to begin the search for Christian college scholarship money when you first make the decision to pursue a college degree. The money is out there to help you pay.


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