7 Amazing Entry Level Criminal Justice Jobs

Nov 18, 2013

Entry Level Criminal Justice JobsIf you're considering expanding your knowledge base to begin a new and prolific career within the field of criminal justice, now is an excellent time to enroll in an online program designed to help you succeed. Upon earning your Bachelor's in Criminal Justice, you'll qualify to hold a number of amazing entry level criminal justice jobs.

1. Border Patrol Agent - Careers within the US Border Patrol program are highly in demand and will continue to be in the future. Post completing your studies in criminal justice, the agency may require supplemental instruction and training; however, starting salaries are prolific.

2. Customs & Immigration Enforcement Officers - With security tighter around the globe, there's no slowdown in sight for the demand for customs and immigration enforcement officials. Both excellent entry level criminal justice jobs working with the government and keeping our citizens safe - what noble careers!

3. Police Officer - Although many police forces have a hiring freeze currently, the next two years should see more officers being put out in the field. Obtaining your criminal justice degree now will have you ready for the job when positions are being filled again.

4. Non Profit Organization Advocate - Inevitably, the criminal justice system performs a few injustices in an effort to preserve our way of life, and working as an advocate with a non profit organization can make you a part of undoing those injustices. Consider working with victims, the wrongly accused, or within another area of the system that you feel your work would benefit most.

5. Corrections Officer - Entry level criminal justice jobs that are growing in popularity among new graduates is the position of a corrections officer. While working in prisons, detention centers, and incarceration units can be a hazardous position, these professionals play a vital role in maintaining the daily operations of these units.

6. Private Security - With extensive knowledge of the law behind you thanks to your degree, you may have the desire to open up your own private security firm or take a position at another. Private security is a unique job that can be highly exciting depending on the gig, and many graduates are drawn in by the excitement and typically commensurate pay.

7. Child Protection Services - Keeping all of God's children safe is the goal of the Child Protection Services, and those with a passion for the youngest citizens finding working for this agency to be highly rewarding on a personal level. Hours may be long and the pay just above average, but the good graces earned are priceless.

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