CCU's Online RN to BSN Program - The Real Deal, from a Real Student

Mar 06, 2014

If you are an RN considering taking the steps to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, consider the online RN to BSN program at Colorado Christian University's College of Adult and Graduate Studies. CCU's online RN to BSN program is a great option for busy adults who are juggling a full time job along with a full time work schedule.

Don't believe us? Well then listen to what Jennifer Bryant, full time nurse and mother, has to say about CCU's RN to BSN program.

A transcription of Jennifer's remarks about the program can be found below.

I became a nurse because my mother and my grandmother were both nurses and it was a natural profession into the profession for me.

This program is specifically designed for working RNs because it's easy to go into the classes and not feel like your entire life revolves around school.

The nursing program at CCU is designed to last for approximately a year. You might have some extra classes that you need to do to prepare for the program, but once you start it, it should take about a year.

Assignments for classes are posted online and you have a board that you go to each week. Each of the assignments are set up so that you can pull every bit of information you need off of the computer.

There's not a whole lot of tests in this program. You'll submit papers and Power Points in regards to what you've learned, but you're not going to get online and take a timed test or something like that so the pressure is off of your shoulders.

Interaction with other students is actually pretty fun. You go onto message boards and you talk with other people, you can email back and forth, and even call your classmates and get their input on assignments - and it's actually a really fun way to interact with people all the way across the country.

The lab work that you are required is actually clinicals. There are 90 hours of clinical work that you do and you can do that in an area of work that you are comfortable in, and there's also an opportunity to go on a mission trip with the school, and you fulfill some of your clinical hours through that.

Christ is incorporated into the CCU program by giving us lessons and things to reflect upon.

The difference between an RN and a BSN is the community aspect of education. It also gives you a better opportunity to move up into management and make differences in the global aspect of patient care.

What I've enjoyed most about going into the CCU program is the simplicity in which the program is presented. The CCU program helps you transition very easily into school and you can gain your degree without it becoming a huge issue in your life. So if you have family responsibilities, if you have work responsibilities, the CCU program fits neatly into those and you're still continuing your education.

What are you waiting for? Start earning your BSN today at CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies. Speak to an enrollment counselor today!

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