The Difference between IT & Computer Science: What's Right for You

Apr 22, 2014

the-difference-between-it-and-computer-science-whats-right-for-yoTechnology and computer enthusiasts wishing to participate in adult education courses or pursue their graduate degree have many possibilities to choose from. No matter how well-versed a person is in all things tech-related, it can be confusing to understand the difference between IT and computer science. While both fields offer a variety of exciting educational and career opportunities, one might be better suited to your interests and skills.

Learn more about the difference between IT and computer science so you can choose an educational path that leads toward a rewarding, fulfilling future.

Information Technology (IT) Explained
The field of Information Technology offers students who enjoy working with technology and people many career options. In short, IT involves using existing technology while working with people and clients. As an information technology professional you may help clients technology problems as related to their computer hardware, system or software programs. IT specialists also help businesses develop technology plans.

Some of the career paths that fall under the IT umbrella are Computer Support Specialist, Systems Administrator, Database Administrators, Network Architect and Information Security Analyst. If you enjoy using critical thinking skills, problem solving, and helping clients plan and achieve technology-related goals, an IT program might be ideal for you.

Computer Science Explained
Computer Science is just Those working in this field understand why computer programs work the way they do and what needs to be done to manipulate and transfer information to create new ways of using it. People working in computer science work with software systems, various operating systems, and program implementation.

A career in computer science offers many options to graduate students, including Web Developer, Applications Software Developer and Systems Engineer. You'll know a study program in Computer Science is right for you if you enjoy "talking" to computers, mathematics-based work, programming languages, design, development and studying the actual computers.

Choosing the Right Program for You
The difference between IT and Computer Science can be very small or create a large gap, depending upon your chosen career. Both fields promise tremendous growth in the coming years as technology continues to rapidly advance. If you're still unsure about which type of program to pursue, Colorado Christian University personnel will gladly assist you in making the best choice for your educational and career future.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to further your education, CCU has the ideal program for you.

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