Behold: Smartphone & Tablet Enabled CCU Blackboard

CCU CAGS Blackboard

Aug 29, 2014

Education is always a great investment. But in today's hectic hurlyburly, balancing work, family, community, and classroom attendance can seem positively untenable.

Enter Blackboard. Blackboard is a revolutionary web platform for higher education- a school that fits in your pocket! It's been a fixture for colleges across the nation for more than a decade, and CCU is no exception. Using Blackboard, online presence translates into classroom learning. And since nearly all CCU programs can now be completed online, there's no barrier between your obligations and your education. You can't miss!

For those unfamiliar with the power and subtlety of Blackboard, here are some its great features.


If you've got an internet connection, you've got a university! Whether you're using your computer at home, your tablet in a cafe, or your smartphone on a commute, learning is literally at your fingertips. If you want a top shelf education but have little desire or opportunity to enter a classroom, your ship has come in with a force.


Imagine being stuck on the particulars of an assignment. Wouldn't it be nice to get immediate clarification from your professor? No problem! While you're busy in Blackboard, online professors are keeping their fingers on the pulse of the class. So contact away- your teachers will be back to you at the drop of a hat.

Or maybe you enjoy spirited conversation with your peers. Blackboard's got you covered there too. Every class has its own array of forums, threads, teleconferencing, and direct contacts. Start a philosopher's club, a Bible study group, a computer cadre, or just strike up a new acquaintance or two. The collaborative possibilities are endless!


Blackboard online gives you unprecedented freedom to manage your studies. Easy access to the goods whenever you need them- course calendars, syllabi, assignment details, submission portals, deadlines, lecture outlines and slides, the works. You absorb your studies at your convenience and work at your own pace. And since you're in touch constantly, there's no question about missing anything. Blackboard has your back.

Here's a bonus! If you like to stay way on top of things, Blackboard gives you the flexibility to turn in your work early- sometimes weeks early. How's that for having your studies together?

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Pretty cool, right? And getting on couldn't be easier. All you need is a CCU ID and a link to the Blackboard online portal. Then your courses are there whenever you're ready.

Do you have more questions about online learning? Ready to join us? Reach out and let's start mapping your success- from inside a classroom or from the comfort of home!

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