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10 Unique Places to Work and Study Remotely

Are you getting ready to start writing your thesis? Do you have a big exam coming up? Or maybe you need to spend some time on your resume...

Either way, writing and studying as an adult student can be stressful. Whether you’re trying to find some peace and quiet at home, or the thought of sitting at your desk to do your work bores you, we have some unique ideas to get you out of the house to write, create, and study away.

Gather your laptop and books, put your thinking cap, and get ready to explore the best places to work remotely and study at in your city.


You might not need new skis or a jacket that will keep you warm in below freezing temps, but REI is a great place to study or work. Most REIs have a Starbucks or coffee shop inside, so you can get access to their Wi-Fi while being surrounded by big wooden beams, industrial design, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Art Museum

Whether you’re earning a degree in business, health care, education, or another subject, there’s one place that might inspire a little creativity within you: an art museum. Most big cities feature an art museum that has a coffee shop, restaurant, or public seating area. And if you need a study break, a walk throughout the exhibits awaits. Check out some of the best art museums in America.

Out of Town

If you’re writing a 50-page thesis, we don’t blame you for stressing about it. So why not get out of town and go somewhere remote or inspirational? Find travel deals all year long, and go somewhere with an amazing view. Don’t book somewhere too exciting, though, because you don’t want to lose your focus.

Rooftop Patio

If you can’t go out of town to study or write, find paradise on a rooftop patio when the weather’s nice. Be surrounded by the city’s skyline while you sip on a refreshing drink and get your work done.

Union Station

Chances are that your state’s union station hasn’t been a hot spot until recently. In Colorado, for instance, the Union Station in Denver has been renovated, now offering coffee shops, a book store, dining, and dozens of sitting areas.

Botanic Gardens

Why not let the beautiful outdoors inspire you? If you have a local botanic garden in your city, head there for some peace and quiet, along with the opportunity to get inspired by the artistic approach to nature.


If you live near a trendy hotel, chances are that it will usually have a cool place to study and work. Most hotels have restaurants that have Wi-Fi, or you could sit in the lobby area next to the fireplace. Studying in a hotel is a fun and inexpensive way to experience something new while being proactive.

Downtown Bookstore

The Tattered Cover is one of the most popular bookstores in Denver to study in. If you don’t have a Tattered Cover near you, find another bookstore that offers tables or sitting areas. Bookstores generally have internet available, but you could also go there to read up on your field of study.

Locally Owned Coffee Shop

It’s no surprise that you can study and work at a coffee shop. If you have a go-to, find somewhere new! Search for a coffee shop with a good view of your city, or look for somewhere that has a cool niche, such as a bicycle café. Some coffee shops even have a beer garden!

Co-Working Space

The new trend in remote studying and working is shared workspaces. You can rent an office on a month-to-month basis, or you can pay a membership fee to use shared areas. This is a great idea for someone who has to dedicate a certain ongoing amount of time to their studies.

Good luck with your studies!

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