What Kind of Degree Can Help a Pastor Succeed?

A pastor can get a biblical studies or theological studies degree so that they succeed in the church.

May 11, 2017

If you feel called to lead a community of people toward Jesus Christ, becoming a pastor may be the right career for you. But in order to become a leader in the church, the position of a church pastor might require some additional education and experience.

Although seminary is a great option for becoming a pastor, Colorado Christian University offers several degrees that will give future pastors and current pastors the opportunity to learn about biblical studies, how to teach the Word of God, and how to become a leader that will foster growth in the lives of many people.

Whether you've been a leader in the church for years or you're starting out on this new journey, here are several biblical studies degrees, as well as theological degrees, that will provide the education and experience needed to lead in a church.

Biblical studies and theology studies degrees at CCU

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

  • Credit Hours: 120 (36 major core)
  • Format: online and hybrid
  • Potential jobs: chaplain, youth pastor, social worker

CCU's bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies will deeply educate you about theological themes found throughout the Bible, including creation, sin, reconciliation, and hope. Upon completion, you will not only be able to understand the Bible yourself, but you will be giving the experience and tools necessary to help others understand the Word of God. You will also be prepared to continue your education, whether it's in seminary, in ministry, or through CCU's Biblical Studies master's degree.

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

  • Credit Hours: 39
  • Format: online
  • Potential jobs: church pastor, ministry director, seminary faculty member

If you're looking to take your knowledge of and experience with the Bible to another level, CCU's master's degree in Biblical Studies might be the program for you. In this online Biblical Studies degree program, you will be challenged through rigorous study of the Bible and its historical principles. You will also be provided with academic training and practical leadership skills that will equip you to be a leader in your church, parachurch, nonprofit organization, or other ministry setting,

Master of Arts in Theological Studies

  • Credit Hours: 39
  • Format: online
  • Potential jobs: church pastor, college professor

If you have a passion for critically thinking about Scripture, CCU's master's degree in Theological Studies may be the right program for you. Along with thoroughly examining the Bible, you will engage the arts, culture, and ethics from theological perspectives. This online Theological Studies degree will also equip you with the tools needed to become a Christian leader, enhancing you with academic, professional, and practical education.

Want to pursue a different calling within the church? CCU also offers an associate degree in Biblical Studies, as well as a certificate in Biblical Studies. View all online adult degree programs.

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