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Making the Most of Blackboard Learn

Building a community is important for adult students as online learning courses become more popular.

Blackboard Learn is a great educational tool that CCU Online students at Colorado Christian University use for managing classes, submitting assignments and projects, as well as communicating with the professor. The online format pairs well with Blackboard Learn as an online platform. As with many apps, some of the best features may not be the most obvious.

5 Tips to Enhance your Blackboard Learn Experience

1. Profile Picture

On Blackboard Learn, you can set a profile picture with a picture of yourself. Not only is this helpful for the professor to put a face to a name, but it is helpful for you and your classmates. This will create a personal connection between students and professors. As CCU online is fully online, you will be able to see the other students and professors that you would normally see every day in a traditional setting

2. Customize your page

Did you know that you can customize your Blackboard Learn to fit your needs? Click "Modify Content" to choose which modules you can view and select a color or background image for your learning page. You can modify this section to best fit your needs and learning style, not to mention you can add your own personal flair!

3. Utilize Student Lounge

Located within each class tab is a discussion board to ask questions about the course and coursework. This is an opportunity for you to collaborate from an online perspective with your fellow classmates.

4. Look at Notifications and Announcements

It is important that you look at the notifications and announcements that your professors send through Blackboard Learn. By checking your announcements, you will be able to stay on task and up to date with your coursework. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Through the App: If you download the Blackboard Learn app on your smartphone, you will have the ability to set push notifications. This will allow you to immediately see any notification or announcement.
  2. Desktop: When you are on Blackboard Learn checking your classes, make sure you are also checking if there have been notifications. This will be in the top right-hand corner with a bright red number. If you click this, you will be able to see any announcements that had been made by your professor or question asked by your classmates.

5. Utilize the Student Resource Tab

This is located in the top right corner. There are four main sections to this tab:

  1. CAGS Student Quick Links: You can access other websites within CCU, including the library. This might be helpful when you are doing research papers or assignments.
  2. CAGS Student Success Resources: If you need any resources to help make you more successful this is the right tab for you! This section includes APA citation help, blackboard information, access your email, and find your daily dose of God's Word!
  3. CAGS Student Resources Menu: Located on the far left of the screen, this will give you helpful links, tutorials, and support systems. Helpful links within student resources can include Military information, Spiritual Pathway, Tips for Success, the CCU Writing Guide, and the CCU Student Tool Box.
  4. CAGS Student Prayer Corner: Located in the bottom right corner, there is a Prayer Corner for students to share prayers and praises. This creates a closer connection and allows you to fellowship with your classmates, enrollment department, and professors.
  5. Office 365 for Students: Right next to the Prayer Corner is Office 365 for students. This gives you access to a free annual subscription license if you are a current CAGS student. You will get all of Office 365 including, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

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