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5 Student Discounts You Should Be Using

Who doesn't love to save some money? Whether it is discounted from your favorite retailers, free tickets to sporting events, free meals, or discounts on a plane ticket, student discounts are some of the best out there!

Take advantage of these special student discounts.

Retail Discounts for Students

Whether you prefer online shopping or shopping in-store, make sure to see if they have student discounts. Stores like Target, Best Buy, Goodwill, and Amazon all have discounts for students. Be sure to search for any specials or ask an in-store customer associate about deals.

Technology Discounts for Students

Looking to purchase a new laptop? Need the most recent version of Microsoft Office Suite? Searching for a more efficiently-sized tablet for homework on the go? Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other technology companies have convenient discounts. Discounts ranging from 10%-30%, allow you to get that new gadget or application for a fraction of the cost.

Music Streaming Discounts for Students

Team Spotify or Team Apple Music? Either way, as a student you get a discount on both and other music streaming discounts. Simply enter your school or student email when signing up for an account on either streaming platform. These sounds on sale can save your sanity while studying, help your groove through your next semester break, or spark some new ideas for your schoolwork.

Video Streaming Discounts for Students

Hopping on Hulu for your favorite films and shows? This video streaming platform allows you to stream your shows for free with Spotify Premium. You read that right! Even if you already have Hulu, as a student, you can still get a discount from Spotify.

Airline Discounts for Students

Studying abroad this semester, taking a family vacation, or boarding a plane for your big conference? Check out airlines like United Airlines and American Airlines to receive a student discount. Airfare isn't always fair, but these airlines know student budgets get tight. Fly smarter with student discounts.

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