Self-Care Tips for Students

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Sep 01, 2019

Even though you might have multiple titles: mother, father, coworker, employer, and student, make sure to schedule a time for self-care. Success starts with a good base.

Here are 5 self-care tips for students:

Prayerful Meditation

Start your day off with prayerful meditation. Time to center yourself on the things coming ahead for your day. Remember to seize today, this day, without fear of the future or putting your mind in the past. Take five minutes each day to allow for reflection, prayer, or deep breathing. Set a time for prayer to get your day jump-started!

Self-Care Day

While you are attending college, you will have many responsibilities and daily to-do. Set one day each month for a self-care day. This could be a day of rest, a day out with your friends and family, reading a book, or a fun day-trip. Self-care days are a great way to re-energize and refocus.

Create a Routine

Routines help with the busy and hectic parts of our days. Routines can be as large or as small as you make them. Daily routines can be like waking up and brewing yourself coffee, and calling your parents; maybe you have an evening routine of reading before bed. Creating routines allow you to have added a sense of steadiness to your day to day.

Do Something You are Passionate About

Whether it is a sport, creative art projects, or cooking a good meal, plan time to play, create, or move. Try to incorporate at least one alternative activity to school-related to-dos. This will allow you to relax and give you a time to be focused on something you are passionate about.


Studies have shown that exercise is a huge component of student success and self-care. Whether you already exercise or not, stepping out from behind that computer screen or walking away from your classroom desk, exercise is vitally important to your self-care and success. This can be a walk around the block, yoga, getting up from your seat and doing pushups, or attending an exercise class in the morning or afternoon. Being active will allow you to have more energy and focus on the to-dos ahead.


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