Your Goals are Possible in 2020

2020 planner and glasses on a table

New year, new you. There is no better time to go back to school and complete a certificate, wrap up your bachelor's degree, or start an advanced degree. Whatever your goals are, CCU Online is here to move you online and upward.

Here are 5 steps to get started on your goals in 2020:

Create a goal-checking system.

Develop benchmarks as you create your goals for 2020. Break your goals into smaller, more easily achievable tasks. Goals without a plan are just a dream. These bite-size tasks will help you visualize how you will execute the larger goal! You can get goal-based planners or find great goal checking systems online.

Your support system is important!

Develop accountability partners to ensure that you remain focused. Your support system can remain vigilant in reminding you of the “why” propelling your education, give words of encouragement, or simply be a listening ear while you work through your degree. Be sure to explicitly ask them to be your support system and give them a few ideas on how they can support you and help you to stay on-track/accountable. Then, thank them for supporting you throughout the year of 2020.

Envision what your success will look like.

Most of us love to daydream. Put that brainpower to use by seeing yourself in your grad cap and holding your diploma. Imagine what your new role or the next step in your career might look like. Think about the feelings you’ll experience when your degree is completed, the pride, the accomplishment, the joy.

Celebrate the small victories along the way.

There will be little victories along the way, celebrate them! Treat yourself to fun snacks, take a dance break, or give someone a call to revel in the victory with you! Celebrate the small wins as you chase your big win.

Remain patient.

Some roadblocks are inevitable while you pursue your degree, be gentle with yourself! Success doesn’t happen overnight. Take heart in knowing that one foot in front of the other will get you to the finish line. Patience with yourself and others is well deserved and much needed with this New Year’s goal.

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