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Computer Information Technology Emphasis

At CCU, you have many options when it comes to earning your Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology. With many emphasis options to choose from, you might be wondering which one will work best for the specialty you want to pursue. It might be hard to determine which emphasis option will work best for the specialty you want to pursue. IT professionals are in high demand as the world continues to rely more and more on technology, making a computer information technology degree more relevant than ever. Technology jobs in fields like software development have gained recent mainstream recognition, but the computer information technology program emphasis options at CCU can equip you for a variety of up-and-coming job opportunities with salaries primed to grow long after you earn your degree.

We've listed out each emphasis option CCU offers with the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology and the respective potential career paths and earnings you can pursue after graduation according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cyber Security Emphasis

Cyber security is an emerging field with significant opportunities for career growth. The New York Times recently reported that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by the end of 2021. This discipline focuses on the necessary policy and governance skills to stop cyber-attacks, including prevention techniques and offensive skills training. Cybersecurity requires learning skills such as analysis, communication, evaluation, recovery, detection, and applying principles to secure technical operations at risk.

Career and Salary Opportunities

Information Security Analyst - Plan, execute, and monitor a company's computer system network from any threats.

Median Pay: $103,590

Data Engineering Emphasis

Data Engineering focuses on large database systems usable by all stakeholders, especially data scientists. This emphasis combines big data and data science with programming, web development, and traditional and open-source databases. It uses a holistic approach to understand the opportunities available through the associations, patterns, and trends found in extensive data sets.

Career and Salary Opportunities

Web Developer — Create and maintain an organization's website through a website management platform. Design, implement, maintain through various codes and user experience.

Median Pay: $77,200

Lead Data Engineer — Invent and maintain new software to understand technology and data coming through for an organization.

Median Pay: $126,830

Senior Data Analyst — Review and solve complex data and mathematical problems for an organization. 

Median Pay: $86,200

Database Management Emphasis

Empowering you with a computer skill set relevant to today's IT field, the database management emphasis focuses on designing, developing, and administering both standard and unique databases. It also includes computer programming; software and application design; network systems analysis, design, and management; and computer information security for a well-rounded IT knowledge base.

Career and Salary Opportunities

Database Administrator or Architect — Store, create, and analyze specialized data for a larger organization.

Median Pay: $98,860

Networking Emphasis

The Networking emphasis will offer you a focus on "networking as a technical discipline." This discipline uses networking with programming and databases to provide you with a holistic approach to computer information technology. This emphasis can challenge you academically and intellectually with hands-on experimentation in networking and networking design.

Career and Salary Opportunities

Network Administrator - Responsible for the daily monitor of the network information systems of an organization.

Median Pay: $84,810

Computer Systems Analyst Emphasis

The Computer Systems Analyst emphasis centers on creating system solutions using the tools of analysis and technology to fulfill the needs of the stakeholders. A system analyst track will help you develop critical thinking, understanding the behavior of people and systems within a programming environment, and the benefits of databases to provide a holistic approach to the field of systems analysis.

Career and Salary Opportunities

Computer Systems Analyst - Analyzing the current computer systems and finding a more effective and efficient system for an organization.

Median Pay: $93,730

Computer Information Technology Degrees at Colorado Christian University

At Colorado Christian University, the computer information technology degree program options focus on computer skills relevant in today's rapidly changing IT field, equipping students with technical skills and business knowledge. The information technology coursework focuses on applications, solving and improving processes with computer technology, and general system use. With a Higher Learning Commission accreditation and classes offered 100% online, the bachelor's degree in Computer Information Technology is perfect for adults working full-time and/or raising children.

Already have your bachelor’s and looking for your master's? CCU's Online Master's Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Cyber Security will allow you to take your career to the next level.


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